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Best Album Cover of 2017?

I have been reflecting on some of the movies viewed this year and thought I would run my top 12 by you!

1 Wind River

An absorbing murder mystery in the wintry wastes of wild Wyoming.

2. Blade Runner 2049

The visually enthralling follow-up to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi Blade Runner saga by Denis Villeneuve.

3. Alien Covenant

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus prequel. I’m hanging out for the next one in the Alien series.

4. Toni Erdmann

Dad is a real strange one and when he visits his daughter ...well I'm still reeling from the quirky episodes that followed!

5. The Little Hours

Political correctness is out the door with this one! The nuns in this medieval Tuscan monastery had me smirking over their raunchy escapades. Is that Mel Brooks lurking in the background there?

6. Life

Yes there is life in outer-space ...and you wish there wasn't!

7. A Cure for Wellness

Have a drink of that strange fluid kept in a cobalt bottle and see what happens!

8. Frantz

François Ozon’s film about a young German woman whose fiancĂ© has been killed in World War I.

9. Get Out

Join Chris and Rose for a weekend at Rose's folks in their lavish upstate New York mansion. Things aren't quite what they seem. Should we get out?

10. Under The Shadow

Forget David Lowery’s odd “A Ghost Story” and indulge in this one instead. Mother and daughter struggle to cope with the terrors of the post-revolution, war-torn Tehran of the 1980s

11. Kong: Skull Island

Kong just keeps getting bigger and I just keep regressing into boyhood enjoyment with films like this.

12. Elle

It is a French mind-boggling take on a rape!

Movies that I have seen and wish I hadn’t!
Mother ( Mother F*#ker more like it!)
War on Everyone ( Some-one declare War on these two guys ...please!)
A Ghost Story ( Only for those who like watching grass grow. )
Atomic Blonde ( Nuke this one! )
Ghost in the Shell ( Even Scarlett Johansson can’t salvage this one!)