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Dreaming of revenge. Kaki King. Montreal.
Top Shelf Records
Here is a trip worth taking! Accompany NY acoustic instrumentalist Kaki King on a whispery, dreamy and ethereal journey on her album "Dreaming of revenge". Nothing malevolent here. It's ambient, trippy, chordal and melodic. I first played this CD on the car stereo the other day when I had a trip across town to make. The music absorbed me. It complimented my lazy Sunday feeling nicely. It matched the ebb and flow of the traffic as well as the mildness of the weather and the vastness of the vivid blue sky. I found myself slowing down and soaking up the layered sounds featuring acoustic, electric and pedal-steel ... I had to make my trip last as long as the duration of this CD!
Have a listen to all of Montreal ...and you will see what I mean!
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