Podcast 109 Jan's 'Blues Time'
Podcast 109 from SA Roots and Blues
Welcome aboard the 109 'BLUES SPECIAL! This train departs from from the world wide web platform at  SABlues.org and travels back in time to when blues musicians jumped on and off freight trains to visit neighbouring towns and farms. The conductor and brakeman are giving a free ride to a group of wandering musicians in exchange for a little entertainment along the way. They will not need to jump an empty boxcar for this run!
1 Palmer McAbee - McAbee's Railroad Piece.
2 Jesse Mae Hemphill - Freight Train.
3 Big Maceo - Macy Special.
4 John Authur Lee - Down at the depot.
5 James Superharp Cotton - 2 trains comin'.
6 Leadbelly - Midnight Special.
7 Big Joe Turner - Midnight Special.
8 Joe Hill Louis - Train Ticket.
9 James Wheeler - This old freight train.
10 Robert Johnson  - Love in vain.
11 Peter Green - Last train to San Antone.
12 Rita Chiarelli - Last Train.
13 Beaucoup Blue - It takes a train to cry.
14 Steve James - Downbound train.
15 Reverend J.M. Gates - Black train is coming.
16 Rory Block - Morning Train.
17 Marty Stuart - Move along train.
18 King Solomon Hill - The gone dead train.
19 Louisianna Red - Alabama Train.
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