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Podcast 159 from SA Roots and Blues
1 Abbe May* - Hoodoo You Do - - Hoodoo You Do.
2 Eliza Neals - Messin With A Fool - Man's Man.
3 Kathy Ross - Willin To Crawl.
4 Bonnie Raitt - Slipstream - Down to you.
5 Brenda Jean - Joe Pye Weed - On The Side.
6 Janiva Magness - Stronger for It - Dirty Water.
7 Magda Piskorczyk - Afro Groove - I'm a Woman.
8 Shaun Murphy - Live At Callahan's - Gonna Buy Me A Mule.
9 Kelly Richey - Carry the light - Carry the light.
10 Pristine - Detoxing - Whipping Post.
11 Mary Bridget Davies Group - Wanna Feel Somethin' - Your Kind of Love.
12 Shelley Hardinge - Hound Dog.
13 Samantha Martin & the Haggard - Samantha Martin & the Haggard - Six White Horses.
* artist pictured

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'Blues Time' comes your way once a month. It draws its play list from the genres of acoustic and electric blues. Each podcast highlights new and recent releases. Duration is about an hour.
Each new podcast is made available to subscribers for downloading. Check the 'Subscribers' page for new postings. Our podcasts give you a taste of some of the exciting and diverse roots and blues CDs currently on offer. It is hoped that this taste prompts you to make some purchases, whether it's from your local record store or online. Remember a little bit of that money trickles thro' to the musicians!
'SA Roots and Blues' is a non profit organisation. Our aim is to promote roots and blues music to an ever increasing patronage.