The Roots and Blues Hour


Podcast 236 from
1 Lehhmann B Smith* - Thank God for my body – Time.
2 Turk Tresize - If It Is to Be – Abita.
3 Honeyhoney - 3 - Back to You.
4 Striking Matches - Nothing But The Silence - Hanging On a Lie.
5 Calexico - Edge of The Sun - Bullets and rockets.
6 Sharon Van Etten - EP - I Don't Want to Let You Down.
7 Richard Thompson - Still - Where's Your Heart.
8 Graham Parker and The Rumour - Mystery Glue - Long Shot.
9 Cris Cuddy - Dear Elvis - Flyin Flyin Flyin.
10 Mitch Mann - Blackwater Creek - Sometimes A Rock.
11 Brock Zeman - Pulling Your Sword Out Of The Devil's Back - Don't Think About You Anymore.
12 Mandolin Orange - Such Jubilee - Little Worlds.
13 Bill Morris - Hinterland - The Day the Stock Trucks Came.
14 Olivia Chaney - The Longest River - False Bride.
15 James Thomson - Cold Moon - I Don't Mind.
16 S J Tucker - Stolen Season - Dream of Mississippi.

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The Roots and Blues Hour

Thanks to the musicians, promoters and distributors
who have allowed us to present their music.
Podcast 236.
July 2015's Roots and Blues Hour
Lehhmann B Smith

and Olivia Chaney
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'The Roots and Blues Hour'
Once a month Jerome Douvendahns presents a rich mature selection from the genres of roots, alt. country, blues, folk and indie alt. rock. Each podcast highlights new and recent releases from these genres. Podcast duration is about an hour.