Podcast 85 Dec's 'Blues Time'
Podcast 85 from SA Roots and Blues
It’s time to put aside those fears and woes of a world wide recession and indulge in some uplifting and therapeutic blues! Blues therapy in this podcast will be kindly administered by 8 Ball Aitken, a rebel with a cause! Also Luis Coloma whose nimble fingers will hammer out some grand boogie on a grand piano. We also feature Christina Crofts, a blues diva from Sydney whose fingers will certainly delight as they slide up and down her fender stratacaster. We thought it was time to unleash slide guitar demon Ted Drozdowski AKA Scissormen as well as inundate you with some raw to the bone blues from Finland courtesy of Jo Bubby and Down Home King III.
In this podcast Jerome Douvendahns also presents his TOP 7 BLUES ALBUMS of 2008 drawn from all of those presented in this year’s Blues Time Podcasts.
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