G'day Dave,
Stuart Knowles here. I have just started a new company called Reso-tone Music and I am the Australian Distributor for some exciting new resonator guitars. One of England's Premier slide guitarists, Michael Messer, has released two fantastic guitars built in the traditional 1930's style. The great part is they are very affordable in relation to anything else in the market and the quality is exceptional.

Being a musician and loving resonators my desire for one of these guitars turned into forming a company because I believe blues musicians will be VERY interested. Michael's musical achievements in the UK are phenomenal and he has produced a great instrument with a spirit which sits well with the blues philosophy.I am passionate about guitars and blues and I know many others are too. Visit www.michaelmesser.co.uk to discover a great blues artist.

Thank you very much,
Stuart Knowles
Reso-tone Music: www.resotone.com.au


Michael Messer - making 1930s style available to all!

“Not many guitarists would be brave enough to step into guitar design on their own, but that's exactly what British slide expert Michael Messer is doing with the launch of two new resonator Guitars.”
Guitarist Magazine UK-April 2008

Capturing the essence of those highly prized resonators from the 1930’s, the ‘Blues’ and ‘Lightning’ resonator guitars are a blues and roots player’s dream. These hand crafted guitars feature original dimensions, steel body (Blues) and nickel plated bell brass (Lightning), spun aluminium cone, 3 on a strip open tuners, 12 frets to the body, rosewood fingerboard, bone nut and maple bridge. The Blues has a vintage ‘Greyburst’ finish and the Lightning has a 1930s’ sandblasted lightning bolt design.

Authentic is the word that immediately comes to mind when you first see one of these guitars and playing one not only confirms that thought, it underlines it. From anyone who has ever contemplated a resonator guitar through to the seasoned working musician these resonators have much to offer. At less than a third of the price of those at the high end of the resonator market, these guitars will ignite that emotional desire and fuel it with the reality that in a budget sense ‘it can happen!’

The Michael Messer philosophy, from the start, has been to make these guitars with integrity, in relation to design and within reach of everyone. Development has taken years to complete.  Each guitar is hand crafted and subject to intense scrutiny for both quality and sound to guarantee satisfaction for even the finest of musicians.

The only dilemma faced with the Messer Guitars is the choice, will it be the ‘flash’ of the Lightning or the ‘cool vintage vibe’ of the Blues? Many will justify both, one for open G and one for open E. This is a guitar that will not only inspire the beginning of a journey it will take you as far as you want to go.

Reso-tone is Australian owned and partner of Michel Messer UK, leader in the development, manufacture and supply of quality resonator guitars. Additional details can be found by visiting the Michael Messer website at www.michaelmesser.co.uk

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Reso-tone Music: www.resotone.com.au
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