Glenn Cardier The Music Warehouse August 2005
"A National Treasure" performs at MUSIC WAREHOUSE
" With captivating presence, a commanding vocal style, and a gloriously perverse point of view that produces songs which take firm hold and linger long, Glenn Cardier comes dangerously close to being certified as a national treasure." These are the words of respected author and rock historian Glenn A Baker, and is indeed sparkling praise for Glenn Cardier, the bluesy-folk singer-songwriter who will be performing exclusively at Music Warehouse on Friday August 19th - 8:00pm.
Glenn Cardier hails from Sydney and his performance at Music Warehouse will be his first in South Australia in a long, long time. But it will be well worth the wait. A few may remember Glenn Cardier from a very fine collection of albums he released in the 70's, while others, his wonderful appearances with a touring Spike Milligan during the 80's.
But those new to Glenn Cardier will find a refreshingly honest performer overflowing with a melodic canon of original blues and roots based songs, his forte being slightly, delightfully off- centre songs that have drawn comparisons to Tom Waits, John Prine, John Lee Hooker & Captain Beefheart, as well as traditional folk sources.
However, Glenn Cardier is an Australian original and with his two recent albums, Rattle The Cage and House Of Mirrors, he is receiving the high critical acclaim he deserves. But it is the live performances where the plaudits are exceptional, and an evening with Glenn Cardier will be a mix of black humour, tenderness and crafty songwriting that should not be missed.