Mia Dyson Live at The Gov' July 2005

Mia Dyson
Friday July 1st. The Gov'
After missing Mia Dyson’s previous visits to Adelaide I was looking forward to catching her live for the first time. I have been listening to Mia Dyson's new album “Parking Lots”a fair bit of late and in my “SA Roots and Blues” review commented on the beaut' mix and production that it possessed. Well all that went out of the window at The Gov’. The sound was unduly loud and distorted. Poor bass player Lucas Taranto seemed to be struggling for most of the night to get his sound right. I suppose the mixing desk has to really pump it up like they did with the opening number "Roll me out" to over ride the noise of a big crowd, which after a couple of hours of drinking was getting even louder. When it came to more subdued and broody songs like "Choose" ( included in our Video Clips page ) and "Little Piece" with Dyson's delightful lap steel playing ...I expected the crowd noise to abate. It didn't! Hey who am I to complain! It’s a pub right? Folks are there to talk, drink, smoke and listen to the band …and most seemed to be doing it in that order! Dyson did well in the face of this onslaught and she earns my respect …but by half time I threw the towel in! My eyes were watering from the smoke and my attention increasingly distracted from the music by the crescendo of the crowd. What a wimp! Maybe next time I just need to get much more pale ale into the system!
Mia Dyson: "Parking Lots" CD Review

Many of Melbourne's finest musicians journey over bi-annually for Adelaide Fringe engagements. A suggestion to Mia and Jen. Please get management to book your bands into Adelaide's next Fringe. You'll get a more attentive crowd.