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Willie has downloaded all podcasts from our archives and wouldn't travel without them!

Bonny particularly liked Podcast 272's Moanin' Blues Special!

Jenny prefers the "Root and Blues Hour" podcasts.

Bob and Tony's preference is for the "Blues Time" podcasts.

Delilah delights in roots and blues ...straight!

Even "millennials" are listening!
( Honey have you seen my MP3 player anywhere? )

The tech savvy Wilbury's use FM Player, My Tuner, Tune In and Pocket Caster to get our latest podcasts!

Randy burns podcasts to CD and listens that way!
He's thinking of getting one of those fangdangle mobile media device things and also some low cut levis.

The Smith family during their last caravanning holiday introduced the kids to our podcasts!

Podcasts down at the local store ...as satifying as a Chesterfield!

Podcasting since 2005! Periodic specials delve into the rich, fertile history of roots and blues!

Our podcasts are free!
Just find a free wifi zone with someone elses smart phone!

Quality MP3 listening! CBR MP3 @ 44100Hz, 320kpps, Stereo.
Hmmm! Love that bass!

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Our podcasts are usually family friendly.
( Except for Podcast 274 which contains female nudity! )

Podcasts are readily downloadable at sablues.org!

Podcasts offer an iInformative presentation of new and current roots & blues releases!

Apologies for the inappropriate use of Dorothea Lange's moving photos of The Great Depression.