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The Roots and Blues Hour

Podcast 275 from
1 Caroline Spence - Spades and Roses - Hotel Amarillo.
2 Scott H. Biram - The Bad Testament - Long Old Time.
3 Sallie Ford - Soul Sick - Record on Repeat.
4 Jesse Waldman - Mansion Full of Ghosts - Hope In The Shadows.
5 Jess Ribeiro - Kill it yourself - Hurry Back To Love.
6 Shelby Earl - The Man Who Made Himself A Name - The Man Who Made Himself a Name.
7 Steve Kozak - It's Time - One Woman I Need.
8 Beth Bombara - Map & No Direction - When I Woke.
9 Valerie June - The Order Of Time - Slip Slide On By.
10 The Mojo Stars - Under The Influence - Under The Influence.
11 John Moreland - It Don't Suit Me.
12 Sera Cahoone - From Where I Started - Taken It's Toll.
13 Son Volt - Notes of Blue -Static.
14 TG Swampbusters - Swamp Rock Country Blues - Georgia Rollin' Stone.
15 Pieta Brown - Postcards - Station Blues.
16 Jess Ribeiro - Kill it yourself - If You Were A Kelpie.
17 Sunshine & The Rain - The Darkness Of My Night - I'm Not Your Girl.

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The Roots and Blues Hour
Podcast 275. April 2017's edition of THE ROOTS & BLUES HOUR
featuring Caroline Spence
Podcast 275
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'The Roots and Blues Hour'
Once a month Jerome Douvendahns presents a rich mature selection from the genres of roots, alt. country, blues, folk and indie alt. rock. Each podcast highlights new and recent releases from these genres. Podcast duration is about an hour.
Thanks to the musicians, promoters and distributors who have allowed us to present their music.