Podcast 222.

Dec. 2014's Roots and Blues Hour
Featuring: Steve Tallis

The Roots and Blues Hour


Podcast 222 from www.sablues.org
1 Hayward Williams - The Reef - Out On The Reef.
2 Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado - Too Many Roads – Drowning.
3 Jon Allen - Deep River - Get What's Mine.
4 Dulcie Taylor - Only Worn Once - Dug a Hole.
5 Nick Waterhouse - Holly - This Is A Game.
6 Elliot Brood - Work and Love – Taken.
7 Jess Klein - Learning Faith - Long Way Down.
8 Audrey Auld - Hey warden – Walls.
9 Kris Pohlmann - Taylor Road - One Good Reason.
10 Angaleena Presley - American Middle Class - Ain't No Man.
11 Peggy Seeger - Everything Changes - Swim to the Star.
12 Lucinda Williams - Where the Spirit Meets the Bone - Walk On.
13 Maggie Bjorklund - Shaken - The Unlucky.
14 Jean-Louis Murat - Babel - Chacun vendrait des grives.
15 The Hired Guns - Golden Home – Troubadours.
16 Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn – Railroad.
17 Andrea Schroeder - Where the wild oceans end – Helden.
18 The Delines - Colfax - I won't slip up.
19 Bill Frisell - Guitar in the Space Age – Rumble.

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The Roots and Blues Hour

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'The Roots and Blues Hour'
Once a month Jerome Douvendahns presents a rich mature selection from the genres of roots, alt. country, blues, folk and indie alt. rock. Each podcast highlights new and recent releases from these genres. Podcast duration is about an hour.